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Expanding Your Capacity

When you need extra capacity to get things done, you can count on PASQ for operational excellence. Our reputation is built on delivering high-quality services. 


Filling Gaps In Your Day-to-Day Operations

PASQ can fill the gaps of your organization's operational needs, big or small. We can help with invoicing, time tracking, compliance, communications support, dashboard development, association management, or more intensive interim support services. 

Strengthening Your Processes and Procedures

Beyond the day to day, PASQ can help you develop or update your budget, write job descriptions for board members, define programs and outcomes, set up your human resources procedures, and create project management systems that help you execute effectively.

Delivering Funds Through Grant Writing

Funding is essential for your organization’s mission, and grants can be a key part of your budget. With a proven track record of successful grant writing and fundraising, PASQ can help secure competitive grants and public and private funding sources that can fuel your work.

Think our services are a fit for your needs? Send us a message today or reach us by phone or email.

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