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Launching Your Organization

Starting a non-profit or small business can be a daunting task, but PASQ can help you get started the right way. Our team has extensive experience starting and building out organizations. We can help you begin with a strong foundation.


Guiding Your Organization Through Formation and Filings

Whether you are starting a non-profit or small business, we can help you with the paperwork of getting started. From filing the right forms to drafting your operating agreement or bylaws, don’t start from scratch. Let us use our expertise to ensure your organization has a successful start. Instead of learning how to fill out a Form 1023/1024 or write an operating agreement just to do it once, let our team bring an experienced perspective to the process.

Defining Your Strategy and Vision

A strong start isn’t just about filing the right paperwork. We can work with your non-profit or social venture to define your mission, vision, values, and strategy. Our team is experienced in building successful ventures that solve real problems and bring value to communities.


We’re not new to taking an organization from idea to reality. We can help ensure the idea in your head is reflected on paper and the guiding principles of your organization are clearly defined.

Forming and Training Your Board

Set your non-profit up for success with an effective board of directors. At PASQ, we can guide you through the process of forming your board and train your board members.


Our team has built out boards of directors from the ground up and spent years learning what makes an effective board. Let us bring that experience to bear as your organization takes this important step.

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