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Economic Competitiveness

Helping You Stay Ahead in Regional and Global Economies

Industry & Workforce Insights

Today's workforce is changing rapidly—from blue-collar to white-collar. The industries that served rural America today may look much differently tomorrow.

That's why we work hard to help you stay ahead of the game. We're trained in variety of research techniques to help you understand the industries that make your economy strong today—and can help you build new momentum for the future. PASQ specializes in identifying industries, existing or emerging, that can make your community stronger, and our team has experience providing guidance to a variety of industries in the northern Plains.

As new generations take hold of your community's future, ask us how we can help you see your economy's potential.

Apprenticeship & Internship Programs

Today's workforce needs innovative approaches to recruit and retain new talent. This need may drive your organization, regardless of sector, into apprenticeship and internship programs.

Your organization may benefit from taking advantage of government-supported apprenticeship support grants, or you may simply want to take on an intern for your programs. Whatever the case might be, ask us how we can help you create an effective program for your organization.

Think our services are a fit for your needs? Send us a message today.

Policy Analysis & Advocacy

A competitive local economy thrives on fair, honest regulation, no matter what level of government you must interact with.

Our backgrounds don't simply include professional services and economic development. We each bring a keen passion, interest, and skill set that is uniquely suited for effective policy analysis and advocacy. At the local level, we can help you draft and shape policies that impact everything from budgets to zoning. At state and federal levels, our team's experience in advocacy can help you shape policy in ways that can help your community attract new resources and thrive for years to come.

Let us know how we can help advance your position as a community or an organization. We're ready to help you draft and implement a policy agenda that fits your needs.

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