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Our team provides business, policy, legal, and real estate insights to economic developers, small businesses, nonprofits, and state and local governments working to build thriving, competitive rural communities.

Just like you, we don't step back from a challenge, and we don't simply look for problems. We provide real, rural solutions that are action-oriented. We're not just a partner for today -- we're here for tomorrow.

Our Services

Real. Rural. Solutions.

Our namesake, the American Pasque flower (pronounced 'pask'), blooms during the spring in our firm's home state: South Dakota.


Often growing through the snow, the pasque stands year after year for the hope, resilience, and viability of rural, prairie life.


PASQ serves the organizations and leaders that seek to impact the lives and legacies of communities in rural America. No matter the landscape, challenges, people, or circumstances unique to your community or organization, PASQ brings a unique blend of lived experience, technical skill, and action-oriented attitudes to contribute to the hope, resilience, and viability of rural life around the country.


Our team focuses on three key areas of expertise: launching your organization, expanding your capacity, and developing policy and strategy. Our work is intended to cover rural community needs, whether helping a local nonprofit or business develop its talent or conducting a community-wide strategic planning effort. No matter what we do, we follow a simple mantra: listen, think, act.


Real, rural solutions start with our team and the network of partners we work with. Learn more about our services below to see how we can help you solve the challenges facing your community.

Launching Your Organization

Expanding Your Capacity

Developing Strategy and Policy


Contact us today to find out how our services can help your community reach new heights.

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